Keck Tire & Auto Repair

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Our recommended preventative maintenance services include:

Oil change, lube, and filter
Tire rotation
Brake and transmission fluid replacement
Clean fuel injector
Air filter inspection and replacement
Transmission inspection
Radiator inspection and service
Fan and belt inspection and replacement
Vehicle Inspection
Air conditioning service
Battery inspection
Factory scheduled maintenance

Leave it to Us

3-D Alignments 
Transmission Replacement
Radiator Repair
Electrical systems

Emission Smoke Tests
Steering and suspension
Heating and cooling
Alternators, starters, and ignition
Cooling system repair (A/C)
Water pumps
Fuel pumps and lines repair
Engine Replacement
New Tire
​Lift and Leveling Kits



​We warranty our work, parts and labor for 1-year. This does not include repairs performed under third party diagnosis, or when parts are provided for repairs.


Here are a few tips:

State Inspection
If you are in need of an inspection and your check engine light is on, the check engine light has to be cleared by repairing the problem or clearing the codes. After the check engine light is off the vehicle has to go through a drive cycle before and inspection can occur. A drive cycle is when the readiness monitors in the computer are set and varies by vehicle.

We don't recommend flushing a transmission. Flushing your transmission is the equivalent of changing your oil ,but not the filter. It is always better to do a complete service with a new gasket and filter kit. Most recommend service between 40,000 to 60,000 miles.

Timing Belt
If your car is equipped with a timing belt. Most manufacturers suggest no more than 90,000 miles until the belt should be changed. Note: The timing belt is not the belt that is visible when you raise the hood. That is the drive belt and should be checked at oil change intervals for cracks and wear.